Danger to coral reef fish

When you think of the damage being done to the environment you may not think about the importance of the coral reefs. Yet, the beautiful coral reefs are home to so many species of fish and plants that they become vital to the health of the oceans.

The fascinating BBC video explores the concerns that environmentalists and animal welfare specialists are having over a growing trade in coral reef fish. The exotic fish which are found in the coral reefs have become a delicacy in parts of Asia. As such, bringing a live coral reef fish to market has huge earning potential.

As this video shows, in order to get those fish some of the fishermen are having to travel over 3,000 miles just for one single fishing trip. Apart from the carbon footprint impact of that one unnecessary journey, the popularity of these coral reef fish has meant that the reefs are being fished at such a rate that the fish markets are starting to sell juveniles in order to meet demand.

When a young coral reef fish is taken from the reef that means that it has not had a change to reproduce and help to replenish the diminishing coral reef fish population. Not only does this have dire consequences for the coral reef fish species but also for the coral reefs themselves and in turn the oceans.

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