Cate Blanchett talks SolarAid

It isn't unusual these days to see celebrities talking about environmental issues. However, it can often appear that they may be making statements about going green more because it is trendy rather than them being truly environmentally friendly themselves.

That, however, does not appear to be the case with Cate Blanchett. Oscar winning actress Cate Blanchett looks to be putting her true interest in environmental causes together with a concern for helping to relieve the stresses of African poverty. Cate Blanchett has done that by teaming up with the charity called SolarAid and being their media spokesperson.

SolarAid is pretty much what it sounds like. It helps to provide solar energy to some of the poorest parts of Africa. Providing solar lanterns to villages in Africa has several benefits to both the environment and to those using them in Africa. Firstly, the use of solar energy helps to control the costs involved with bring electric lighting out to remote villages. It also means that there won't be a need to burn kerosene lamps or other light sources that produce toxic pollution.

SolarAid has to be a good idea for both humanity and for the environment and it is great to see environmentalist celebrity Cate Blanchett fronting such a valuable cause.


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