Carbon footprint of newspapers

This video made from Legos might have a fun look but it carries a serious message about the carbon footprint involved with making and distributing newspapers.

Of course it is vital to keep up to date with world events but with today's technology there are many other ways to do that other than producing daily newspapers. When you watch this video you will be floored by the size of the carbon footprint involved from simply printing newspapers to distributing them.

That doesn't even taken into consideration the carbon footprint of all the newspaper journalists that are traveling the world to report stories. Not to mention the fuel used by people that drive to stores to pick up their copies of the daily newspaper.

Happily, there are things people can do to offset their carbon footprint from newspapers. Firstly, you can use the online versions of these newspapers. Certainly, that could have the downside of making it harder for printed newspapers to survive in modern times. However, if their online readership goes up that will be where their advertising revenue comes from in the long term anyway and without having to kill trees to get it.

If you still feel the need to have a daily newspaper then do your bit to reduce the carbon footprint of the newspaper by recycling it.

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