Cameron Diaz talks trees

Any celebrity that will go onto Sesame Street can't be all that bad. In the case of Cameron Diaz, her visit to Sesame Street was for the purpose of talking about trees. When the the environmental friendly celebrity went on the show she was in charge of talking to Grover about the importance of trees to the environment.

Of course, the audience for the show is very young. So, Cameron Diaz pitched her environmentally friendly message in terms that they would understand. Rather than talking about climate change or global warming, she aims to demonstrate the beauty of nature.

In the case of this appearance on Sesame Street, Cameron Diaz has put trees into the spotlight. The physical beauty of the trees is highlighted but then she goes on to talk about all the great fruit that comes from trees too.

When kids watch her on the show they will come away with cause to think about all the beautiful trees in their own town. Once they hold the environment around them in such esteem it won't be long before they have become environmentally friendly themselves.


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