Business travel and climate change

In just one typical working day, millions of miles are traveled in the name of business travel. Whether it is driving to work in your car or having to catch that long haul flight for an overseas business trip, all that pollution adds up. Every day that we have business travel on the agenda we are having a negative effect on climate change.

That is why the idea of Climate Care Day, as promoted in this sweet animated video, is such a great one. They aren't asking much but what they are suggesting could have a nice positive effect on climate change instead.

All they are asking is that for just one day we all decide not to travel for work. Maybe a few years back that would have been a huge ask but with today's technology is doesn't have to be the case.

Why not ask your boss if your company can get involved and have a day where as many people as possible work from home? Instead of flying to a meeting why not look at teleconferencing with the same people. Not only does that help with climate change but it will save your company money in business travel expenses too.

All they are asking for it just one day where we stay off the road. Without a doubt, all of us who commute everyday would welcome the break in our routine while doing our bit for climate change and the environment.

Watch the video and think of ways that you and your place of work can help.

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