Building green with new roofs

If you are looking for ways to be building green when you are looking into building a new home then why not look into living roofs. Rather than simply having a normal roof why not go for one of these new living roofs and make your new home more environmentally friendly.

Not only will be putting in a green roof such as one of these roof top gardens be something that really catches the eye but they can really be beneficial to the environment. The plants on the living roof will attract bees and other insects which are vital to keeping ecosystems healthy. Far too often in urban environments these are disappearing. So, a green roof would be great for helping to reverse that problem.

Implementing green roofs in your green building plans in both residential and commercial projects, won't have any impact on the structural integrity of the building. In fact, the plants growing on the living roof will protect the actual roof from the weather.

Going green with your building plans is more important than ever and by growing plants on your living roof you are doing your little bit for the environment.

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