Baked organic apple recipe

Cooking organic food doesn't have to be difficult. All you need is the right organic recipe and you will be on the path to a super tasty and equally as healthy dish.

This particular baked apple organic recipe looks amazing and it could be made for an at home meal or be fancied up for an organic dinner party too. What is really great about the organic apple recipe is that it only takes a few steps to prepare and you don't have to feel bad about the healthy nature of the dish.

For this baked apple organic recipe you start out by getting some organic apples that are hopefully locally sourced. Then you simply core the apples and put them into an oven proof dish that you have greased with grass fed butter. If you want to keep it a vegan organic recipe you could certainly use whatever you would normally use to grease a pan as part of your normal vegan diet.

Then, you core out the organic apples and dust them with a mixture of spices. You can mix up which spices you want to use in this organic recipe. A cinnamon based mixture is great but a bit of pumpkin pie spice can also be really great with this baked apple organic recipe.

The inside of the baked apple organic recipe is made up a combination of various dried fruits and nuts. When those have been baked in the middle of those organic apples they are going to go extra sweet and make the nuts taste a bit like candied nuts.

The stuffed baked apples then bake for nearly an hour in the oven with you basting them now and then. You really need to cook them for a long time to get them extra soft and tasting especially great.

Then, to make this baked apple organic recipe really stand out you can top them off with some organic whipped cream. You can whip the cream yourself to make sure it is extra fresh. If doing your own organic whipped cream feels like just a little bit too much extra work for such a simple organic dessert recipe then you could always skip this step in the organic recipe. Instead, you could buy some organic ice cream and serve that with your warm baked apples.

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