Backyard sustainable gardening

If you really want to reduce food miles and take a big step forward into leading a more environmentally friendly life then it is time to learn how to grow your own vegetables. Growing your own vegetables means you can make sure your family is eating organic produce and you have the added joy of having cut your carbon footprint right down. Food simply tastes better when you don't have the taste of a nagging conscious in your mouth.

Many of us claim that we simply do not have the room to engage in sustainable gardening because we live in the suburbs. However, the truth is that with a little bit of creativity nearly all of us can find room to start sustainable gardening. It is just a matter of learning to look at your backyard in a different light.

Check out this video where people is Australia turned their backyard into a mecca of suburban sustainable gardening. They also did not have a very big backyard and so they weren't able to simply dig up the ground and start their sustainable gardening project.

Instead, they had to build up a series of raised beds throughout the garden. The way they did it was so well thought out that not only were they able to grow their organic vegetables but the raised beds look beautiful in the backyard.

Through this project hey were able to turn their suburban backyard into what they call an edible buffet of winter vegetables. Which, goes to show that sustainable gardening isn't just for the summer either. They grew beetroot, onions, potatoes, kale, sweatpeas, lettuce and even edible lavender.

That is some good eating and it comes with the knowledge that you are being healthy for your body and for your planet.


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