All Natural Beauty Tips

If there is one thing that the all natural beauty tips in this video prove it is that there is nothing new about an organic beauty routine. The beautiful Irish woman in this beauty video states that she obtained all of these natural beauty tips from her granny.

Certainly her granny wouldn't have called them organic beauty tips but we do perhaps forget that before the development of all the chemical based products we now use that women still had their own natural beauty methods. Isn't it a bit arrogant of us as a society to presume that the women from those periods were less beautiful than those of us covering our skin with chemical products?

What you have to love about some of these natural beauty tips is that some of them are just based in so much common sense that you wonder why we have forgotten about them. For example, watch this video and see her natural beauty tip for dealing with painful party shoes. I promise you when you watch it you will feel like smacking your head and wondering why you hadn't thought up this natural beauty tip all on your own!

In this video, she gives out so many natural beauty tips from making your own natural face mask for helping with a skin break out to how to stop your aching feet at those parties. Each one of these natural beauty tips is pretty easy and they all can be made a part of your organic body care routine.

If this natural beauty uses all the natural beauty tips that she presents then you can't help but see that they work. Without a doubt her granny was a wise and beautiful woman and we could do a lot worse than remembering that our own grannies had some fantastic organic beauty tips of their own.

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