5 easy ways to go green

By now you are no doubt more than aware of some of the problems that are humans are causing for the Earth. After reading so much about carbon emissions and climate change you probably are ready to find out ways to go green in your own life. Of course, it can also feel like global warming is such a big problem that whatever you personally do you won't be able to help the Earth even if you do go green.

However, you need to push those feelings aside. If everybody did just a little bit more to reduce their own personal carbon footprint by learning how to go green, we could collectively make a bigger environmental impact. A whole bunch of little efforts from a large number of people could go a long way to helping to reverse climate change.

Best of all, the little changes you can make in your own life to go green can be really easy. This video show you five easy ways to go green without there being much impact on your quality of life.

For example, if you turned down your thermostat just a little bit you would be going green by saving all that energy that it would take to heat your home those extra degrees. You are very unlikely to notice the home being any colder and on top of having made an effort to go green you would have saved money on your heating bill too.

Leaving appliances on standby and leaving full charged items on charge is another way that many of us damage the environment. We simply can remember to only charge when needed and we will have found another easy way to go green.

The same sort of idea goes for only doing laundry of washing dishes when you have enough for a full batch. That means you will be going green by using less water. Plus, it should mean less time actually doing those chores since you will only being doing them when it is really needed. Who can complain with going green and saving yourself work at the same time?

Another easy way to go green is to watch how much water you put into your electric kettle when you are making yourself a cup of tea. Many people simply fill it up to the maximum fill line even when they are only making one or two cups. This means that each time you set the kettle to boil, it has to use enough electricity to heat all that extra water. If you decided to go green and only put in as much water as you actually needed that would save a whole chunk of energy.

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