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Are you looking to be more environmentally friendly? If you have found your way to this site then chances are you are looking for information on the environment. Environmentally Friendly aims to help with a variety of questions you may have about the environment.

Perhaps you are looking to better understand the environmental problems and environmental issues of our times. If terms like global warming, climate change and food miles have you confused then Environmentally friendly has a section dedicated to environmental education.

If you already understand eco issues but are here for ideas of how to begin going green then you are also in the right place. Environmentally Friendly has a vast collection of tips on how to go green in nearly every aspect of your life. Our tips for going green range from how to educate children about environmental issues to how to make your own organic cleaning products at home.

Environmentally Friendly - Environmental Issues

Whenever you open a newspaper or turn on television news these days you are likely to run into a report on one environmental issue or another. Even if you find yourself concerned about the environment it can all get a bit confusing at times. Terms such as climate change, global warming,carbon footprint and food miles are bantered about as if their meanings were common knowledge.

If the whirlwind of information on environmental issues has you scratching your head then this is the place to start. Rather than treating you as a bad citizen for not knowing more about environmental problems, each of these environmental issue topic pages has been designed to give you an overview of the issue. Hopefully, when you have finished with the pages you will much more confident in your knowledge or global environmental issues.

Climate Change and Global Warming - Of all the environmental hot topics, climate change and global warming has to be the most controversial. This is the place to go if you are looking to understand more about the climate change debate and the causes of global warming.

Carbon Footprint - Not sure what carbon footprint means? Go here to find out the definition of carbon footprint. After that, learn how to calculate your carbon footprint too.

Food Miles - How far does the food you eat travel before it gets on your plate? Find out about food miles and the importance to reducing food miles as we become more environmentally friendly.

Environmental Disasters - Do you need reminding of why it is so important for us all to strive to be more environmentally friendly? Visit this page and see for yourself the very real environmental problems this planet has faced.

Earth Day - Do you celebrate Earth Day each year? Find out more about Earth Day and why it is important to recognize the day.

Environmentally Friendly - Going Green

Saying that you are going green is all the rage. From going green in personal homes to big industrial building projects claiming to go green, the idea of becoming more environmentally friendly is everywhere. It can be tempting to just pass it all off as a fad but whether or not it stays trendy to go green, it is vital for all of us to become more environmentally friendly if we wish for the Earth to survive.

If you are looking for ways to go green but aren't exactly sure how to go green than we are about to arm you with a shed load of information. Pick a topic and chances are Environmentally friendly is going to give you some tips on going green within that topic.

Just click the link for the going green topic of your choice and you will be taken to a page dedicated to how to go green that relates to that subject. With all this information about going green available it is no longer valid to say that you don't know how to be more environmentally friendly in your own life.

Going Green - You have decided to go green but you aren't sure where to start. Visit this page for a large selection of tips for going green.

How to recycle - We all know that recycling is a part of being environmentally friendly. However, do you really know how to recycle correctly? Maybe you are looking for ideas on how to recycle or reuse a particular item?

Environmentally friendly kids - If we are going to save the planet then we need to start with raising environmentally friendly kids. Learn how to start your child's environmental education. If you are expecting a baby this is also where to go to learn about green baby products such as organic baby food.

Environmentally friendly food - If we want to be healthy we need to know what we are putting into our bodies. However, did you know that what you eat also affects the environment? Learn how to eat organic food to help the environment and your health at the same time.

Green gardening - So many people that love the Earth also love to garden. Green gardening is all about making sure that the way you garden doesn't harm the very earth you are trying to make look so beautiful. Learn about sustainable vegetable gardens, organic gardening and more.

Environmentally friendly beauty - We all like to take pride in our appearance but is our vanity killing the planet? Find out how to have an environmentally friendly beauty routine. You can even learn how to make your own organic beauty products at home.

Green cleaning - Keep your home clean as a whistle without having to use toxic chemicals which are dangerous to both your health and the environment. If you like the thought of making your own green cleaning products at home than this is where you will find that information too.

Environmentally friendly clothing - These days having green clothing doesn't just mean the color. There are many ways of making sure the textiles you are wearing are kind to the environment. Don't worry, they don't all look like potato sacks either!

Green building - From family homes to huge industrial buildings, there are so many ways to be more environmentally friendly with your building projects. Learn more about using solar energy in your home and other ways of practicing green building.

Environmentally friendly people - If you want to be inspired by other people that have already gone green than check out these environmentally friendly celebrities.

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